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Visionwise Consulting
Daedalus Millward Brown
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A spark of business inspiration

Consulting Company, with the mission
of leveraging proven competencies
to create competitive advantage
and maximize business value for the
clients. Capitalizing its expertise in
business knowledge, marketing research
and business intelligence, Visionwise
focuses on amplifying the clients’
Return on Investment.

Living ideas. Intelligent information.
Marketing Research Company, channelled towards value-added services capable of efficiently supporting marketing and strategy decisions. Our vision is to add value to our clients by shaping information so that it becomes a first-rate ingredient for business decision-making.

Accurate and fast data collection

We are an online data collection supplier. We have the largest online panel in Romania and fast growing panels in Bulgaria and Serbia. What recommends us is a very good national representative structure alongside special sub-panels for difficult target, such as: auto, B2B and mothers with children under 18 etc.